Nebraska  Motivational  Public  Speaker  Barry  Carlson
"Encouraging People to Change Their Lives
by Changing the Way They Think"
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“Barry’s ‘I Love America’ speech, at our annual foundation meeting was superb! My phone has been ringing off the hook from attendees saying how much they enjoyed it. The presentation far exceeded what we had hoped for.”
Wayne Boilsen
President of Cornerstone Bank &
Chairman of the Boone Co. Foundation
Albion, NE
John Kneeland
VP of Sales
Clearwater, FL
“Barry’s talk on goals presented to our top sales representatives and their spouses in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) was outstanding! The standing ovation was well deserved!”
Dan Endorf
York Public Schools

"I am deeply indebted to Mr. Carlson for his individual presentations to our district teachers and high school students. Barry spoke to our teachers like a wise uncle... the kind of speech that made all of us look inward and assess our thoughts, words and actions. His stories were inspirational, humor was contagious and the message is one that all adults, regardless of vocation, should have the opportunity to hear. After he finished with high school students, handfuls waited to shake his hand, take a picture and receive copies of his notes.  York Public Schools is a better place because Mr. Barry Carlson positively impacted our organization."
Jerry Wiedel
Farm Marketer, Cargill, Inc.
“We’ve invited Barry to address our farm customers three times and he has been well received each time. For not having grown up on a farm, he sure seems to know what farmers like and need to hear!"
”What can I say! I have been in this business for over 50 years, have heard literally hundreds of speakers, and Barry is without a doubt one of the best I've ever heard!”
Roger McCarty
Brokers International
Alan Katzberg,  Ed.D.
Executive Director NRCSA
“Barry Carlson spoke to about 350 school administrators and school board members at the Nebraska Rural Community Schools Spring Conference.  Barry did an outstanding job!  His message and delivery were outstanding!  He used a little humor and lots of energy to connect with the audience and did an excellent job identifying and describing behaviors of successful leaders.  I recommend him to any group needing someone to motivate and remind others of the importance of high quality leadership.

Rick Frank
Northwest Director of NAIFA IOWA (Serves on the Iowa NAIFA State Board)

"I was fortunate to hear Barry address our NAIFA IOWA state convention.  One thing that struck me about Barry was his commitment to helping people understand themselves and to take the step forward they may be struggling with.  I have attended a number of presentations but this one gave me that feeling deep down in the stomach if you know what I mean.  It helped me decide it was time to move to the next step in life.  Nobody will leave this presentation untouched.  It has been a few weeks since the talk and I still see myself in that room and remember what was going through my mind. Thanks Barry for helping me understand me."
Paul R Zietlow, CLU, ChFC, RHU, LUTCF
NAIFA Iowa President
Ankeny, IA

“Barry Carlson gave a great speech to end our state convention.  A standing ovation and request for other speaking venues indicates how much he was accepted by tired salespeople at the end of a long day of meetings.  One of our long-time Million Dollar Round Table qualifying members could not understand why Barry had not spoken on the main MDRT platform.  Barry, we thank you for helping make our convention a huge success."
Mark Weidner
Town & Country Agency
IIAN Board Member (Independent Insurance Agents of Nebraska)

“Barry's talk was perfect!  We wanted some 'inspiration' added to the day and we got it!  His leadship talk fit so well with the audience and we received a ton of great feedback on it. Barry has a great message and his delivery is super, using humor and serious notes just at the right moments.  I  loved it!"
"Our group was very pleased and impressed with Barry's presentation on Leaders Who Lead. It fit right in with one of our system's long-range goals of building better leaders for our many line crews all across the state. I believe his program hit home with many of our people. As one audience member stated, 'It made you really think about your own life, and where you are headed with it."
Bob Cooper
Job Training & Safety Coordinator
Nebraska Rural Electric Association Northeast Community College

"I had the pleasure of attending the Highway 14 Annual Banquet on January 3rd, 2008 and heard Barry Carlson speak on 'Leaders Who Lead'. I have one word to describe the experience - 'WOW!' He was an awesome speaker and motivator! I loved his analogies and how he made so many of us think beyond the rut we sometimes get ourselves into. Telling him 'Thank You' seemed hardly enough for what he taught me. Keep up the great work Barry, and please don't ever stop speaking. People need to hear your message as I did that night."
Pamela Frank
Superior Chamber of Commerce Manager & Administrator of Economic Dvlp.
Superior, NE

Gretchen Treadway
Banquet Chairman, Highway 14 Association and Fullerton Area Chamber
of Commerce

"Mr. Carlson spoke at our Highway 14 Association annual meeting and our local Chamber of Commerce annual meeting. His 'Leaders Who Lead' speech engaged our audience for over an hour. 'Leaders Who Lead' should be required 'hearing' for the employees (or employers) of any business or organization who meet the public in any way, and will impress upon them the importance of leadership skills such as influence, positive attitude, enthusiasm and determination. You will leave his speech feeling good."
Mark Shaneyfelt
Past Chairman of the Nebraska Lions
Aurora, NE

"Thanks again for speaking to the Nebraska Lions at their '07 Foundation banquet. You took the Lions to a higher level of what to expect in a speaker for their banquet! I've been a Lion since '96 and have never heard a better program. Yes Barry, you have raised the bar and touched the hearts of Lions from all over Nebraska."
“As a school administrator, anytime you take time from class to bring in a speaker for an assembly you always hope it will be worth missing class time, and that students will be well behaved during the program.  If you bring in Barry Carlson to speak at your school, you can rest easy.  In fact, both students and teachers will wish the program was longer!  Barry has the ability to connect with people from all age groups, but young people really “get” him!  His message is current and one with which all students can identify.  His delivery is certainly entertaining and informative.  Barry can truly help you change or improve the culture of your school.”

Tim Ernst
University of NE-Lincoln Independent Study High School, Extended Education and Outreach Director
“I would describe Barry Carlson this way:  The man and his message are "professional", "passionate" and "powerful".  I have heard very few speakers who can captivate an audience like Barry.  He is dynamic and the message is "right on".  Whether it’s young people or adults, if you are looking to motivate your audience, you have found the right man.  You can't help but leave his presentation excited and enthused about the opportunities that lie ahead.  From goal setting to leadership, Barry can help you and your people get to where they want to be.”

Jack Guggenmos
Athletic Director
Waverly High School
Waverly, NE
Joe Pittman
Executive VP, NAIFA
Omaha, NE
”Barry’s ‘Four Questions for Success’ was a main event for the Omaha chapter of NAIFA (National Associ-ation of Insurance and Financial Advisors). This is the fourth talk Barry has presented to our organization and he has received a standing ovation each time. His style and humor make each talk a joy to listen to!”
Karen Benner
Polk-Hordville High School
Polk, NE

"Without a doubt, Barry's 'Goal-Setting' presentation was one of the most practical and useful assemblies our students have ever attended.  As a teacher, I utilized his goal setting techniques within the classroom, and my students were required to set academic and personal goals.  The achievements they accomplished were amazing!  The pride they took in achieving their goals was the best part. Thanks to Barry, my students will not be in the majority of the 97% of people who never set goals.  They all know Barry's philosophy:  'Goals aren't important; goals are vital!'"
Greg Wilson
NAIFA - Omaha President
“Over the past several years, our local NAIFA-Omaha association has invited Barry Carlson as a key note speaker for our monthly luncheon programs.   I can say,  everytime Barry is on the program, our membership is overly excited as his presentation draws some of our largest attendance with a standing ovation at the conclusion. I would strongly encourage you to have Barry as your guest at your next event and see for yourself how valuable his messages are to your organizations!!”
Annette Dubas
District 34 State Senator

"As a state senator I had the opportunity to listen to Barry at a local banquet.  His talk was light-hearted with a serious message.  It was very empowering in a time when we all too often think "what can I do?"  Barry engaged the audience in a non-threatening manner and he made us laugh.  We all need to lighten up and cherish the important things in life.  I appreciate his call to action and motivation to get us moving"
Doug Ireland
Manager of Professional Insurance Programs
Kelley Insurance Center
Drake University

"Seldom have I heard a speaker with Barry's conviction, humor, and enthusiasm. He is an inspiration to young and old alike. He speaks to both your head and your heart and makes you realize how important the little things are in life. He is one of those gifted speakers, who by their example and their message, compel you to take action and 'do the right thing'."
Larry Munn
Retired Educator/Wrestling Coach
Falls City Public Schools

“I was fortunate enough to listen to Barry Carlson speak to the Falls City Public Schools faculty to kick off their 2014-15 school year. What an impressive event! Not only did he make us laugh, but he had solid and usable methods of including humor in the classroom and in life. I was so impressed with his use of personal lessons from his own life, then relating them to the audience for their use. I would highly recommend that groups who want to be inspired with humor and wit, yet driving home messages to make life better, should consider asking Barry to speak at their events. You will not be disappointed...he is tremendous!”
Jim Eberly, CAA
Athletic Director
Red Cloud Community Schools
Red Cloud, NE

"Barry Carlson spoke to our teaching staff at Red Cloud Community Schools.  His message on leadership was very powerful.  Even after 34 years in education, I sat on the edge of my seat for an hour and was totally captivated.  Barry is very motivational, passionate and inspiring! His philosophy on leadership is what every educator needs to hear.  When he finished, we all rose in unison for a standing ovation."
Maggie Rasmussen
High School Counselor
Aurora High School

"Barry has shared his message as our keynote address speaker with our seniors for many years.  His impact is powerful and every year students ask for his contact information following his talk so they can personally thank him for his inspiration.  He is truly one of the most impactful speakers I have heard - he speaks from the heart sharing his passion for making a difference. He is absolutely amazing!!"
Deborah L. Quick
New Accounts Representative for Cornerstone Bank
Aurora, NE

"Barry Carlson recently spoke to our Leadership Tomorrow class here in Aurora and I must say the evaluations were excellent!  Laughter, emotions, stern reality and simple truths, along with a high level of compassion, are what Barry Carlson brings to the table.  When Barry speaks to his audience about the "vital facts" of goal setting, he not only invokes the desire of wanting to know more, but best of all, his audiences walk away ready to take action!  We are all hungry for direction in our lives, and Barry's speech entitled “Goals Aren’t Important" is what every person needs to hear, no matter the age! Listening to Barry’s speech will make every audience member ask themselves the question, “What am I doing with the skills, gifts, talents and opportunities that God has given me?"

"Barry Carlson recently spoke to our NAIFA Chapter in Gering, Nebraska and it was THE BEST speech I have ever heard!  He was extremely interesting, humorous and, not the least bit boring.  One of the things I appreciated was that Barry tells it like it is.  He seemed to connect with every agent in the room, regardless of age, which isn't always easy to do.  I have heard hundreds and hundreds of speakers in my day, and I can honestly say this was one meeting I am glad I didn't miss!"

Donald Overman
44-year insurance veteran
Lifetime Member MDRT
Mayor Emeritus, City of Scottsbluff
Bryan Holen
NAIFA Nebraska Board of Directors

“Barry, I want to commend you on your speech at the 2010 State NAIFA Conference in Omaha.  The first time I heard you speak, I thought you were outstanding, however, every time I hear you it's better than the time before!  In my opinion you were the best I heard at the convention, and your words were the perfect way to close out. Your sense of humor and great attitude are contagious, and that's a wonderful thing in this pessimistic world we live in.  Keep up the good work Barry...our industry needs to hear what you have to say.
"Barry Carlson addressed our staff on December 21, 2011.  The general consensus was that he did just a super job!  We had requested  a "lighthearted talk with a message" and he delivered just that in his talk entitled "The Sixth Sense....The Sense of Humor."  His content was right on, and his delivery was very professional.  All of the humor he used was in good taste and he spoke for the exact amount of time allowed.  I thought it was interesting that a talk on "humor" could be viewed as "valuable" by a group of educators, but that is exactly how our staff felt about the talk. This is twice now we have used Barry's MidAmerica Speakers Bureau to book through, and we will definitely be keeping them in mind in the future!  Thanks Barry for an outstanding presentation!”
Cory Worrell
Boone Central Public School
Albion, NE
Pam Winer, President
Atkinson Chamber of Commerce

"Barry Carlson gave an outstanding talk entitled 'The 6th Sense....The Sense of Humor' at our Atkinson Nebraska Annual Chamber Banquet. Four words to describe his talk are humorous, uplifting, eye opening and rewarding. Probably the best way to describe it is 'humor with a message!' The jokes were very funny and extremely clean. Barry's 'style' absolutely captivated the audience, and raised the spirits of everyone in attendance! Sounds strange for a talk centered around humor to be uplifting, but that's exactly what it was! In fact, several chamber members told me afterwards that if they had known the talk was going to be that good, they would have purchased additional tickets and made it mandatory that their employees attend! Wow! If other organizations are looking for a speaker to 'lighten up' their event, yet inspire their attendees, Barry Carlson's talk is right on!"
"In September, Barry Carlson presented his talk entitled “Goals Aren’t Important” to our staff in West Point, NE. I must say the evaluations were outstanding! I asked our planning committee afterwards, 'What did you like about Barry’s presentation?' In a nutshell, the answer was: 'Everything! His presentation was phenomenal! We heard so many positive comments from our employees! We would recommend Barry to other agencies and businesses in a heart-beat….he does not disappoint'' Next I posed a second question, 'What could he improve?' The answer I received was one I expected: 'Honestly…nothing! In fact, we wish he would have spoken longer!''
Beth Porter
Staff Accountant and Meeting Planning Committee

“I invited Barry to speak to my 200+ leadership team members regarding setting and driving to achieve our personal and professional goals. It was one of the most engaging speaking events we have held at PayPal in Omaha! The leaders were enthralled with the presentation, and all of the participants were clearly engaged as they experienced Barry’s message in a profound and personal way. His humor and important messages captured the hearts and minds of my leaders and will make us a better and stronger team for it. Since his presentation, I have had numerous leaders share with me how impactful Barry’s presentation was. They have shared this message with their families and are practicing the skills Barry shared at home and at work. I don’t believe there is a better compliment to a speaker!”
Linda Dugan
VP Global Operations

"I had the incredible opportunity to hear Barry Carlson's speech, "Goals Aren’t Important," it's an experience I won't soon forget. Barry's wit, humbleness, and genuine passion is unstoppable. He's like the favorite teacher you had growing up; he's like the mentor you had in college; he's like the coach you never wanted to disappoint; he's like a professional alarm clock that reminds you that today is the day to reach those goals. I needed this. Barry had us all enamored. I highly recommend Barry Carlson for any event."'
Melissa Kucirek
Moxie Promotions & Publicity
(Publicist for Matthew & Gunnar Nelson, GREAT WHITE, THE 5TH DIMENSION, Felix Cavaliere's Rascals, etc.)

Janet Boettcher
Ord 1st Grade Teacher
Jr. High Coach

"Barry Carlson recently delivered his talk "The Sixth Sense...The Sense of Humor" to our school staff at Ord, Nebraska. There were also several local health professionals in attendance. I personally thanked him several times for sharing his wonderful, happy, humorous, and, most of all, inspiring message! I LOVED hearing his words & just knowing that someone else believes what I believe made it even more REAL!! Believe me when I say that as a speaker he is very SPECIAL! His presentation certainly made a difference in me, and I'm sure it did in others who attended as well!"
Thomas Jacobson Ph.D.
University of Nebraska
Kearney, NE

"Mr. Barry Carlson gave a great talk on 'Leaders who Lead' to my educational leadership class at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Barry gave timely and thought provoking insights as to what it means to be a leader. He challenged the students to examine their beliefs and attitudes central to quality leadership. After his presentation many of the students commented that they now look at the concept of leadership in a new light."